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Heey :] ,
Names Jovannaa ♥
- Well To start off im 14 years yunggg ; came into this worldd on November24th (:
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I'd lovee to makee friends, Everyonee here seems soo nicee ; so justt comment MY profilee & iPROMiSE to Reply :)

Dont really know how to do these thingsss .. so i guesss im done for now , BYEE (:

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Maybee iBlamed YOU for Everything, that was MY Mistakee x3
NickiMiNAJx3 ♥
kissing test 1.hold you breath 2.click add a quote 3. copy, paste, and change the color of "kissing test" 4. add this quote 5.good now ,if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser or your comuter is fast  
i Never liked heights but baby you make the fall look so appealing ;* ♥

Talking to you brings back memories i told myself to forget :/ 

You promised me you'd never leave. Where are you now ? :/ ♥
Dear Tummy , Sorry for all the butterflies. Its his fault iSwear x3 *
You could see it in her eyes ; she loved him and its killing her
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