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Fourteen Years Youngg.. ♥

Pokemon is Win ;D
Pikachu I Choose You!! ♥

Im small and get annoyed easily; Deal with it :)

''Go ahead, kill me. Everyone will know it was you.''


Quotes by DamnedToLove

Two months,
Two weeks &
Three days <3

Jack Christopher Douse,

i will love you till the sky falls down <3



Lets make this last forever.


Your blue eyes held mine.
You had that perfect smile on those lips...

And you whispered slowly;

“But I do love you...’’

Such a weapon should not exist.

The little advert on the side just said
How mature am i ;)

Days come &+ go, but my feelings for you are

Go ahead, Kill me. Everyone will know it was you.


That heart breaking moment
when you realize that, in fact,
your dogs cannot understand you;
and you are well, and truly,

God Made You
God Made Me.

The he whispered;

''Meant To Be''