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Quotes by DanaeM

they act like your...

- therapist
- worst enemy
- your lesbian lover
- your best friend
- your mom
- your sibling

-but most importantly
the person you love the most

"Dude he just called you a jew."

"OH HELL NO, hold my foreskin!"

Christmas Day:
Elementary school:*wakes up at 6 am*"MOM DAD PRESENTS WAKE UP!"
Middle school:*Wakes up at 8 am*"Oh hey presents."

High school:*Wakes up at 4 am*GET UR LAZY BUTTS UP!PRESENTS!!!!!!"

"Sexy" means I want you.
"Pretty" means I like you.
"Beautiful" means I love you. "Gorgeous" means all of the above and that is because you are the best thing that ever happened to me :)
That awkward moment when it's your birthday, and people are singing happy birthday to you, and you just stand there clueless of what to do.

It's amazing how three words can completely change your day.
- i love you
- F*ck you B*tch
- we are done
- i hate you

- facebook login error...

Math tells us 3 of the saddest love stories:
Of parallel lines, who are never meant to meet.
Of tangent lines, who were together once then parted forever.
And of asymptotes, who could only get closer and closer, but could never be together.

That moment when your parents tell you to stay in the line when you’re shopping, and when you’re almost near the cashier, they’re not even back yet, so you start freaking out.
Did you know?
When you snap your fingers,
the sound is created from your
middle finger hitting your palm
– not your thumb rubbing against your index finger.

>> Fave. if you just snapped your fingers :)