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Hi, my name is Ally B. and I LOVE Dance Academy. In fact, I made this account just so that I could vent about it- because I swear, I'm the only person on earth who watches it! This is an experiment. I've tried blogging (no one ever saw it), keeping a notebook (same reason), making my younger sister watch it with me (she never understood anything), sending long vent-texts to my friends (they didn't understand), and making my friends watch it (they could never catch up to where I was). So I guess what I'm really looking for, here on Witty, is someone who I can talk to about Dance Academy, and by that, I mean talking about the latest episodes- not the first ones. If you're thinking about watching it for the first time, though, I'd love to talk to you, tell you about the characters and everything. 
Love you!
Ally B.

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My favorite show in the world. In fact, for me, the only show in the world. It's the only show I've ever watched regularly. Tara Webster, Kat Karamakov, Abagail Armstrong, Sammy Liberman, and Christian Reed have become friends in my head. But I have never met anyone else who watches it. Not one single person. I'm one of those people who needs to TALK- about movies I watched, my life, books I read, my life, and, well Dance Academy. I've tried following the Dance Academy website, making a blog, keeping a notebook, having my little sister watch it with me, and just sending huge long vent texts to my friends, but none of it seems to work. I've asked my friends to watch it, but they can't catch up to where I am so quickly. So I was just wondering- does ANYONE else on Witty watch Dance Academy? Or is it just me?