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She gets everything I want.
Her shirts, Her jeans,  and her shoes.
Her hair looks perfect everyday.
While mine looks like f**king sh*t.

She's super skinny.
She isn't loud and disruptive like me.
I want to be like her.

I'm so f**king jealous of her.
and to top it all off...
She's my best friend.


StevLiveNear Me.
 4 0   m i n u t e s   a w a y !   e   j l o u s   

I'm  In Trouble, I'm An Addict ..

 I'm a addicted to this boy,
He's got my heart tied in a knot,
and my stomach in a whirl.  
But even worse i can't stop texting him,
he's all i want and more..
But damn, he's with a w h o r e.. 

 lo l, me   and  my  friend'  's  version. <3  n m f.

That embarrassing moment
♥ when he catches you staring at him ♥ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

i hate when I'm tired & sleepy ;
But when I get in bed, my body is like "just kidding!"

nmf .

There's that one person
That you've had feelings for from the moment you met them.♥

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Liking  an unattractive guy 
for his personality. (: 

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