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Heyy! So my name's rachel! 
13 years oldd brooo (: 
taken by the best kid everr 

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 Remember all the things you and I did first?
& now your doing them with her.. ♥
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How can i tell her I love you?
Just do it!
Okay, lets practice it with you.

I love you.

I love you too, now go tell her that.
I just did ♥

April 1st is the day to propose to a girl.
 If she accepts, good for you. If she doesn't say april fools,
so you dont feel like that big of an idiot.

Try saying"mmmmm"for 10 seconds while holding your  nose. ♥ if you failed.

You're in b i g  t r o u b l e m i s t e r  !

~ Michelle Tanner from full house. ♥
who else 
remembers her?

11 year olds on Facebook,
Who change their relashionship status to "its complicated", what did he do?
steal your animal crackers?

That Moment When;
You finally take a decent picture of yourself, but once you stare at it for a while, it gets uglier.


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ONLY smart people will get this. 
♥ if you do. 

Wow nice attitude. where'd you get it?



If you watch the Titanic


 Its basically about a magical boat that saves people.

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