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Quotes by Dancingsweetie88

If you »really« love me
wont you tell me? Y
we're not 4crazy3...
               we're just having nn fun nn
What if juliet was the one that fell in →love...
What if romeo didn't feel the same....
What if juliet's tears were actually real...
            and romeo »laughed« in her pain...
What if romeo just walked away...
What if the
memories began to fade...
Then Juliet Fell in Love...
So i guess
Fairy Tale Endings
only come true in
Fairy Tales
And it seems like --[[ my world]] --
                                               Came to
>> its end<<
Take risks,
Because after it's over, you'll wish you could've done it.
But it's too late now.
True love takes a lot of trying <3
Don't you hate it when
People brag about the things they have, 
    But you will probably -----»[[never]]«----- get.