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Baby, you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know-oh-oh, you don't know you're beautiful
Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, & Zayn ♥

I love Lacrosse; it's my main sport. forever. Gym tan lax.
Lax on lax.
Gamedays :)
If you aren't laxin' you aren't livin'
Guessing what body part will be the most sore the next morning.

Hello Gorgeous, my name's Danika Lee Williams, I'm 14 years old and I love Dylan O'brien and Tyler Posey. I love teen wolf. its too cute. k. and I love to read, and I love One Direction and Sleeping with Sirens. music is awesome. I sound crazy, but I'm actually kind of shy and I fall in love with fictional charectors, that's whats crazy.
Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, do you know you're unlike any other? you'll always be my thunder & I said, Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors, I don't wanna ever love another, you'll always be my thunder so bring on the rain.
` Boys like girls ♥


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    Hocamiss you
                  if you never would stay.//

aren't meant to kiss, TOUCH or hold each other like we do.


Bought her roses.


i caught her smilin'




'♥'if you like any of these bands...
Mayday Parade
Artist Vs. Poet
Sleeping with Sirens
Pierce The Veil
Escape The Fate
Friday Night Boys
The Downtown Fiction
SecondHand Serenade
Blood on the dancefloor (BOTDF)
The Maine
All Time Low
Simple Plan 
A Rocket to The Moon
Boys Like Girls
He Is we

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I think when it's all over it just comes back in flashes, ya know?
it's like a kalidoscope of memories; it just all comes back.
but... he never does.
I think part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen.
it's not really anything he said, or anything he did.
it was the feeling that came along with it
and the crazy this is, I don't know if I'm ever gonna feel that way again, but I don't know if I should.
I knew his world moved too fast and burned too bright.
But, I just thought, how could the devil be pulling you towards someone who looks like an angel when he smiles at you?
maybe he knew that when he saw me, I guess I just lost my balance.
I think that the worst part of all wasn't losing him; 

it was losing me.



I belong with you.
You belong with me 
You're my sweetheart.

A, B... 
She wanna 
C my D


No. I don't want a boyfriend who's going
to give me his sweater when I'm cold. He's freeze his a** off. No. I don't want a boyfriend who will pay for everything I want. That's what my job's for. No. I don't want a boyfriend who calls me at 4 a.m. telling me he misses me. I'm sleeping, and he probably wants to be too. No. I don't want a boyfriend who's going to drop every corny line in the book. I just someone sincere and truthful. I don't want your fairy-tale boyfriend who will sweep me off my feet.
I just want a boyfriend who loves me for me, 
for every mistake and scar.


Scott: I know we're gonna be together.
Allison: There's no such thing as fate.
Scott: There's no such thing as werewolves♥
~Teen Wolf♥  
Ugh, cutest quote ever.


You never want to know how much you weigh. you still have to squeeze into your jeans
but you're perfect to me.♥
~One Direction- Little things.