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I won't give up on us
Hi, my name is Danielle. i'm fourteen going to be fifteen on september 16th. i'm a freshman. my 3 bestfriends are Aubbs & Tay. always there for me. love them more than anything. I play softball & basketball. i'm single. I have an obsession with one direction & justin bieber. I love talking to new people. so comment on my profile sometime & we can talk(: love you guys. peace. (:

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twitter usernames?
twitter usernames? -comment!

 if witty was school,

i'd have perfect attendance. 

doesn't relate to me just
thought it was funny  :)

the awkward moment when 
your parents ask you if you like anyone.           


hey guys, 
i'm not asking for followers, but if you would want to follow me on tumblr, here's my link; daniellearlenexox.tumblr.com. I will follow you back! 

softball probz #2
                                                        tripping over the base.                                                             


worst thing ever;
liking the same guy who you liked last summer this summer.

softball probz #1

awkward tan lines.



when your parents ask who your texting,
 & you just act like you didn't hear them.


this quote goes out to xmakesmestronger27x. I know we barely know eachother. but I know how it feels to have someone that means alot to you to have cancer! especially a family member. I really hope your grandma fights cancer! I am here for you through it all. you're grandma can do this! I am here for you whenever you need me. stay strong beautiful<3