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I won't give up on us
Hi, my name is Danielle. i'm fourteen going to be fifteen on september 16th. i'm a freshman. my 3 bestfriends are Aubbs & Tay. always there for me. love them more than anything. I play softball & basketball. i'm single. I have an obsession with one direction & justin bieber. I love talking to new people. so comment on my profile sometime & we can talk(: love you guys. peace. (:

Yo yo yo. Lauren here. Danielle is awesome. Like legit. She's awesome! She's my bestfriend. What would I do without Elle? I don't know. Die. We have hilarious conversations. #Totes. ;) ELLE AND I ARE GONNA BE IN THE OLYMPICS TOGHETHAA! Yeah. Imma bite a gold medal. I'm gonna have one of those klondike thingers.  Lol. GYmnasts have no boobs. It's all in their legs... but anyways. FOLLOW ELLE SHE IS AWESOME. IF YOU'RE READING THIS AND YOU FOLLOW HER THEN I WILL SEND YOU A FREE UNICORN ON FEBUARY 30. Kay thanks. You have been hacked by soccer_girl123       Byyeeee!


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Shorty_Helps 1 decade ago
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Hey! :)
BrokenAgain 1 decade ago
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Hey! Sorry for the spam, but can you place check out this user? She has amazing stories!

MaddyWaddy 1 decade ago
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Haha, so what's up beautiful?
keegster 1 decade ago
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Aw thank you so much c:
Danyellersx22 1 decade ago
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Read. Reply. Delete.(: