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Hi mate =)
I'm Chastity and I'm bookworm.
Some of my characteristics are that I'm pretty stubborn, I love finding new stuff to get lost in, for example TV shows, music, books, art... I'm big Arrow fan, while The Flash is close behind :). I really watch many shows so I'm not gonna start listing them all here ;) but let me just say The Walking Dead...

Books, books, books, is there anything more magical? I mean, when you read, you can become whoever you want to; just get lost in some other world. One of my favourite authors is Cecelia Ahern. Her way of writing is close to my way of thinking, so mabe that's why I like her.
For the music, I'll throw Of Monsters And Men out there. They're amazing.
Since I change my mind a lot about things I like, this may not be true in two months or so, but you won't really know that, will you? Hehe
Don't fail this site
Love ya

P.s. if you're bored, why not try Club Penguin? Yeah, yeah, it's a kids game site. So what? That doesn't make it less awesome. Come on, penguins....How can you say no to those wobbly little creatures?

P.p.s. no, I am not weird, you are imagining it ;)


Quotes by DarkAngelDreamer

People don't talk about anything.
They all say the same things
and nobody says anything
different from anyone else.
Can you hear it?

I am not afraid.



''People who go around advertising their
birthdays are douchebags. It's a fact.
You can look it up on Wikipedia.''
Yeah, life is pretty
damn hard and unfair.
But that doesn't give me
the excuse to give up
and stop caring.
Wouldn't that make me
the same as everyone else?

I like to smile when
I'm around people.
There are too many
frowns these days.

not my format.
If you have a friend
that's acting like a danger to
himself or herself, don't be afraid
to tell someone who you trust and
believe can help. They might be
mad at you afterwards, saying it
wasn't your secret to spill, but don't
be persuaded you did something
wrong. Because you didn't.
You did not.


''I have heart too big for my own good."
But I wouldn't change it for the world.
Everything is so apocalyptic.