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Quotes by DarkCatzy101

Read the below:

"Eenie Meenie Minie Moe.
You ain't nothin but a hoe.
You think you're cute,
you think you're classy.
Newsflash B*tch!
You're f@cking nasty!"

Love, You're Ugly Too.

You don't like The Hunger Games?
Here have some berries.

There is "Lie" in Believe
"Over" in Lover
"End" in Friend
"Us" in Trust
"Ex" in Next
And "If" in Life


Treat me as an option,


and I'll leave you as a choice.


*All my life ;
I thought air was free.
until i bought a bag of chips::

colorss//formats are minee(: <3

When you take a shower then press your hands on your body, then collect a amount of water then drop it.


You came from a woman.
So you have NO right to disrespect one  ♥ 

How I cross a street:
I don’t look both ways, I just walk.
When a car comes I think to myself, “you got brakes. You hit me I get money.”
QUIZ: You have 10 minutes

In which battle did napelon die?
~his last one

Where was the declaration of independance signed?
~at the bottom of the page

River Ravi,Flows in which state?
~Liquid state

What is the main reason for divorce?

How can you drop an egg on a concrete floor ithout breaking?
~Anyway you want, concrete is VERY hard to break.

A+ for creativity 

My mom's logic:
if I didn't see it...
It didn't happen.