Status: My summer has been so boring so far, sometimes i just sit and cry to change things up a little bit
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Hi there. 
My name is Allison Linnette. You can call me which ever one of those or both, I don't mind. 

I am a pretty much nice girl. I am very kind and thoughtful and then I have those moments
where I am mean and rude, but those are only if you get me mad and deserve it. 
I am from El Salvador but currently live in the USA. I am a proud Hispanic and I am short at
5'1 unfortunately, so I hear a lot of short jokes.
I am 14 years old, my birthday is on April 16, so when that time comes, make sure to wish
me a happy birthday. I usually have bad ones so that would probably make my day. 
I love to read and write so if you are ever on the website Wattpad, look me up. Just ask for  

my username and I shall give you that!
I love Psych and Fringe and a lot more shows so if you ever want to talk movies or books,
I'm your gal. 
I am also happy to be a perosn whom you want to vent to. I'm a good listener and I don't
really judge and try to give honest and good adivce. So, yeah, I advise you just comment
down below:D