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Hello Lovely Readers!

This is DestinyTulip's story account!
I am currently writing a fanfiction called Battle Scars.

I'm 14, a self-confessed Directioner, and I LOVE TO SING.
Like, seriously.
Forget singing in the shower.
I sing anywhere and everywhere.

Addicted to my laptop.
Hate Justin Beiber
Love Katy Perry.

You may be wondering why I like One Direction.
Well, let's put it this way. 
I am told on a daily basis that i did not have a beautiful face, and that i was ugly.
Before WMYB was released, I would have agreed with them.
You could'nt tell that i had no self esteem, because at eight years old even I knew how to fake a smile. I pretended nothing touched me, but even just a simple word shook me to my core.
and now, I'm reclaiming my lost childhood, and acting like an eight-year old who loves the way she looks.
I'll always be six years behind in my maturity because of it.
But at least I'll be making up for what childhood i lost.'

Thank you, one direction.

And now, introducing the best GIF ever made:

Quotes by DeStory

Battle Scars
Chapter 6
Alaska’s P.O.V.

Saturday morning. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Mmm-mmm.
I ask Ruby, already wide awake, exactly how many views there are.
“I checked an hour ago…. And we are VIRAL. OVERNIGHT YOUTUBE VIRALISTS!”
“Don’t kid me.” I say, gasping for air.
“I’m not. I have 128402 twitter followers now.”
“Pass the Ipad?”
She passes it. I search our video.
She’s not kidding. 11,143,111 views.
We jump around in a circle, screaming.
Then mum comes in and says:
“What’s all the noise?”
“We’re viral on the internet! We have a video with over 10,000,000 views!”
“Well okay! This calls for my special recipie pancakes!”
So we get dressed, do eachothers makeup, and do eachothers hair.  I have tight curls, whilist Ruby has pin-straight hair. We get dressed, and eat our pancakes.
“Well, girls, here is a gift from me to you for becoming viralists. 100 dollars each!”
“Thank you Mrs. Merino.” Says Rubes.
“Now go down to the mall, and spend it.”
So we hop in my car. It’s silver, and it’s a convertible. I put the key into ignition
I switch on the radio, and Wide Awake plays.
We sing along, like you do.
And when the song finishes, the celebrity news comes on.
“We have a new Sophia Grace and Rosie in town, except they’re teenagers, and Rosie plays the electric guitar! Ruby Croft and Alaska Merino are the new members of Club Youtube sensation! They are from Linden Grange so if you see them, let us know on 0800 TheRoad!”
Naturally, I call.
“Hello, caller no. 1!”
“Hello. I can report a sighting of both Alaska and Ruby!”
“Where are they?”
“At the mall.”
“Okay. What’s your name, celebrity stalker?”
“Alaska Merino.”
“No, Seriously, what’s your name?”
“Alaska Merino.”
“Okay, prove it. Sing something.”
“Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like. We could go out any day, any night. Baby I’ll take you there, take you there, take you there, yeah .”
“Okay. I believe you. Is Ruby with you?”
“Sweet! We got the first EVER interview with Alaska Merino!”
“Well, yes. ”
“Would you like to say something to the people who have watched your video?”
“Yes! Hello crazy stalkers, I’d like to thank you for watching the video and all the nice comments! This is a massively fun ride we’re on, considering just twelve hours ago both me and Rubes were nobodys.”
“See ya!”
And so we go and walk into the mall. People are whispering and pointing.
And then a little girl, about six, came up to us and said
“Can I have both your autographs?”
Battle Scars
Chapter 5
Ruby’s P.O.V.

Liam Payne saw this video.
Liam Payne.
Liam James Payne.
Liam James Payne of One Direction.
Alaska, hyped up as well but trying not to show it, reads
“Hey girls, just want to say, you’re both amazing singers. Ruby, You’re beautiful and have the voice of an angel. Alaska, You’re absolutely gorgeous, you have a great voice and you also have quite the talent for the guitar. And will have sent a link to the rest of the lads by the time you’ve finished reading this. I think this will go viral. Good luck!”
And then we refresh the page. 1337 views. And it’s been only fourty minutes! This is going to go VIRAL.
Alaska logs into her twitter. 756 new follows.
About an hour after we uploaded the video, we refresh the page. Again.
1987 views. Almost 2000.
We decide to reply to Liam’s comment.
“Hey, Liam. Ruby here. Thank you for all the compliments, and I am still trying to believe that you have watched, nevermind commented on, our video.  I don’t want to brag, but I thnk it’ll go viral too. After all, 1987 views in one hour? Amazing!”
And we go back to the video.
 Not only is there now 2558 views now, but there’s another comment from Liam on the video.
“You’re welcome, Ruby! Well, you might believe it now because I’m replying! Harry has watched the video, and this is what he told me to tell you: ‘ Hello lovelies! You both have amazing musical skill, and you’re both breath-taking. Tell me, how old are you?’”
And the conversation goes on and on, until it’s 10:00 and we go to bed and have a sleepover.
When I wake up and check the video, this is the EXACT number I see.
Battle Scars
Chapter 4
Ruby’s P.O.V.

It’s after-school. Chad wasn’t at Algebra, Physics, or IT… so I walk into Mr. Raid’s office.
“Yes, Ruby?”
“I would like to know what happened to Chad.”
“Ruby. He was expelled.”
“What? Why?”
“He’s been expelled because he keeps bullying you.”
“Could’nt you have given him detention?”
“He’s had detention 279 times. That’s more than enough”
“What about suspension?”
“He’s been suspended 32 times. Again, that’s more than enough.”
“Expelliation was the last thing I wanted!”
“Expelliation is not a word.”
“Whatever.” I say. I turn around, and walk out of the office. I run back to my house, and put on my outfit, walk the block to Alaska’s.
Alaska’s P.O.V.

I open the door.
“Ruby! Come on in.”
 “Hey, Ruby?”
“Mind if I call you Rubes?”
“Sure! Can I call you Laska?”
“Okay, just not in school.”
“Yes. Nice house, by the way.”
She goes and changes. Again.
And she comes back out wearing a pleated black skirt, a white top, a fluro yellow denim jacket and black leather boots. She looks amazing.
I plug in my purple electric guitar, and plug in the camera.
“You ready?”
I start the recording .
“Hey, I’m Alaska Merino.”
“and I’m Ruby Croft.”
“We’re both from Linden Grange, Ohio.”
“And this is our cover of Kiss You by One Direction.”
I start playing.
After  the song’s finished, Rubes says:
“If you’re still watching this, I love you. Follow us on Twitter!”
I say:
“And good morning…. Or good afternoon…. Or good night… Whatever time of day it is when you’re watching this, Have a good day!”
I stop the recording.
“Shall we watch it?”
As it turns out, that’s actually a really good cover! Our voices complement each other so well!
“What should we call the Video?”
“Ruby Croft and Alaska Merino – Their cover of Kiss You by One Directi0n.”
Ruby logs in to her you tube channel, and we upload it.
It’s spreading like wildfire.
I’m not even joking. Within twenty minutes it’s already got 568 views, and the comments are all nice.
And then I find a comment from Liam Payne’s you tube account.
Battle Scars
Chapter 3
Chad’s P.O.V.

“Oh, chad.”
“Bullying is not something to be taken lightly.”
“Can you tell her to stop singing then? It’s her own fault! She just doesn’t shut up.”
Mr. Raid sighs at me.
“If I took away football, what would you do.”
“Join the basketball team.”
“If I banned all sports.”
“What does it matter to you?”
“It matters because singing is to Ruby as sport is to you.”
“Oh, yeah. Except I don’t play sport to annoy people. I play sport because I enjoy it.”
“Ruby enjoys singing.”
“Ruby enjoys ANNOYING PEOPLE.”
“Stop arguing and listen, or else.”
“Or else what? What can you possibly do? Huh? Suspend me? I’ll just come back and repeat.”
“That is it. Chad Ingram, you are expelled from Linden Grange High.” His big voice booms.
“You can’t do that.”
“Chad. You have been suspended exactly Thirty-Two times. You have had detention Two-Hundred-and-Seventy-Nine times. I think I’m on correct grounds to expel you. Go and clean out your smelly locker, and get out of my school.”
About five centimeters from the door, I turn around and say:
“But since I’m not your student anymore, I can say this.  You are a friggin’ uptight jerk! I don’t care what you or ANYONE else thinks of me. I HATE this school.”
And I storm out the door before he could do anything.
I walk over to my locker, and unlock it, to smell the waft of old banana peels and unwashed gym socks from three weeks ago. I shove it all in my backpack, and leave the school.
On the two-block walk to my house I think.
Why do I have to act like this?
I mean, Ruby is a good – no, great - singer. She’s hot, and I have nothing against her.
So why am I mean to her?
Oh no. No no no, this can’t be happening.
I – I think –
I think I’m in love with Ruby.
Battle Scars
Chapter 2
Ruby’s P.O.V.

Okay. ‘Just go all Hannah Montana On this thing.’ So. I’ve got a red wig, some ultra-big sunglasses, and an outfit that Rachel Berry would wear. AKA: Not a good one. I lay it out on my bed, and leave it so I can quickly change and eat, then leave. It’s raining, which makes this walk to school all the more enjoyable, because I can sing in the rain, and use my new umberella. When I get there, my hair’s messed up.  And when I sit down at my desk, I get called the usual names.
“The Cat in Heat.”
“The Human Jukebox.”
Well, at least that last one’s correct.
Until a new one’s thrown at me, by the one boy I’ve been drooling over. Chad.
Okay. A song lyric for every occasion.
“Hey, you over there. Keep the L up-up in the air. Hey, you, over there, Keep the L up caus I don’t care. You can throw your sticks, and you can throw your stones, Like a rocket just watch me go yeah, L-O-S-E-R. I can only be who I are.”
“Save your howling for the privacy of HELL when I send you there.”
“Chad, save your insults for the principal.” Says Miss Bailey as she walks in.
There’s a pause.
Chad scampers away down the hall.
Alaska’s P.O.V.
I wanted to stand up for ruby, I really did. But I don’t want to be classed with her again. This is my time to be popular, and I won’t blow it. I did’nt call her a name, though.
I guess that’s okay.
“Okay. Today we will create newspaper captions to attach to pictures.”
She magnets two pictures to the board.
“Alaska. Please give the class an example.”
So I get up and walk to the board. I grab the blue whiteboard pen, and underneath the picture of a bush fire, write “Run forest, Run!”.
I then write underneath the picture of a giant golf ball “They see me Rollin’”
I turn around, so they can see what I’ve written, and the entire class starts laughing.
What I’ve been good at from a young age was making people laugh.
“Okay. These are actually rather good captions, they intrigue the person reading the newspaper and make them read it.”
“Yeah… that’s what I was thinking?”
“Yes. Alaska, please be seated.”
And I walk back to find all the jocks staring at me.  Not at my eyes, but in other areas I would prefer not to mention.
Those jocks disgust me.
This is why I am still single.
Battle Scars
Chapter 1
Alaska’s P.O.V.

Well, here I am.  The platinum blond who’s the popular girl. How did I get here? I was bullied for my first eight years in school, and when I got to highschool, THEN it started to change.
Oh, yeah. My name’s Alaska Merino. I have light blue sparkly eyes, platinum blond hair, and I’m really short.
Yes, I’m the popular girl.
But the truth is,
I hate it.
Instead of a Diary, I keep a poem book.
In this book I keep my rawest emotions.
This was the first poem.
I’m so skinny …. I’d rather have curves.
I’m so short….. I wish I was tall.
But when I looked in the mirror
I was told I was fairest of all.
I don’t believe them
I wish that was true
When someone says ‘Fairest’
I always think of you.
The ‘You’ was the unpopular girl, Ruby.
She looks like Mila Kunis, and she’s a New Zealander who moved to the U.S.A. because her mom’s job shifted. The thing that makes her unpopular, is the fact that she sings.  Too much. Even though she’s an amazing singer.
I have facebook stalked her, (yes, I do that) and I found out that from when she was young, the best thing she was good at was singing. So she’s been doing it longer than me.
My three best friends, Demi, Megan, and Terra, want to start a girl band.
I can play the electric guitar.
Demi can drum.
Megan plays base
And Terra plays piano.
But we don’t have a singer.
They don’t want to mix with Ruby.
So we’ve been doing auditions
And the best (other than Ruby) was a girl called Sophie, and she’s absolutely terrible.
So I skype ruby. The conversation went something like this:


Alaska, you shouldn’t be seen talking to me.

Ruby, I would like to post a video of us preforming to youtube. Both of us, in that.

But what about your girlband?

The other girls don’t want to mix with you. No offence, I think you’re awesome.

Mkay. Where shall we meet?

My house.

But –

Just go all Hannah Montana on this thing.

Mkay. What song?

Um, Kiss you. I’ll have Zayn and Niall’s solos, you may have the rest.

Okay, already know my parts. Are you going to play your electric guitar?

Yeah. Tomorrow at four.

Mkay. See you then.



And the adventure begins.
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