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Maddy.Fourteen.New York.Shark.
Hi, I'm awkward. Sharks are rad. I hate people who judge other people. If your weird, I'll probably like you. Follow me; I follow back (:  I love my followers :P.

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Quotes by DefinitionxxOfxxLovee

I'm not
a bad person, i just don't
put up with your sh*t.



cause i'm sure theres a problem 
 i was just too blind to see,
  the problem is most likely

 that neither of us like me.


because  shes not  your mrs. right
shes your
shes just your
mrs. right now


&&its just another
  i like him, he likes her story.

sticks and stones, 
 will break my bones
but names and games will hurt  
the most

this format:



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it's just
 a little to late
  a little to wrong and i can't wait

 but you know, all the right things to say

The biggest risk in life
is not taking one.


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