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DefinitionxxOfxxLovee's Favorite Quotes

I'll walk down the hall and catch you staring.
You'll look me in the eye, then turn away.
  And every day we'll just keep pretending;    
while we know it wasn't supposed to end this way.


This quote does not exist.




aint  i  so  cool.


suddenly it hits you.
that mood.
all you want is to be home.
all you want is a hug.
your throat closes up.
your mind shudders.
you want a big glass of water.
you want to sit down and curl up into a ball.
you want to just cry.

and the worst part?
you have no idea what made you feel this way.

My powers out. We still have a generator, but it only runs 3 or 4 things at a  time...

...The 4 things we have runnning are the wifi, the fridge, the microwave, and the big freezer.

My family knows how to survive during a  blackout.

Who Else
is dealing with Hurricane Sandy?


Yahoo! Answers 

Resolved Question

My LIFE IS OVER!!! I'm 15?

I was at my crushes house and he was in the bathroom. I really had to go (he only had one washroom) and I didn't want to disturb him. I started to panic. I decided to take a quick poop on his carpet, and I knew for a fact i would clean the second that I was done. So I ended up pooping, then went and grabbed a cloth to clean with. Then he walks in and says "what the **** did you do?" I turned bright red. SUPER embarassed! I made up a bull story on how his dog took a poop on his carpet, but he told me that he didnt have a dog. I ran out of his house, and he deleted me off Facebook, and texted me his carpet cleaning bill...Now I have to see him at school tomorrow, but I'm not gonna go. FML, I'm 15!


Dafuq did I just read.


I'm waiting for all these huricane jokes to blow over