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The names Meegaan(: call me meg or meggie or whatever you would like :D
I was brought into this world on June 11 1997. I am only 13. Witty is my life. I use it more than basically anything. I dont have alot of quotes. I like to read and fav quotes more then i make them. I crush on alot of guys but half of them dont know i exsist. I do have a boyfriend now actaully. We have been dating for four months. I really think i love him. If you disagree then sorry because I am head over heels for this kid. <3  Please follow me or talk to me. It will make my day(:

Quotes by Deggie

Being nice to someone you "don't like" isn't called being "two-faced" its called

Growing Up.

My music isn't too're just to old <3
Think how different it would be, if you never met the person who changed everything.
and the funny thing is, he says the same things to her as he did just yesterday to me. </3
That mini heart attack you get when he smiles at you in the hallway<3
FRIENDS: will be there to take your drink away from you when they think you've had enough.

BEST FRIENDS:will look at you stumbling all over the place && say " girl drink the rest of that! you know we don't waste around here(;"

Fav if you.

say "dude!" before saying something really important :D

I know I dooo(;

I hate when your foot falls asleep.


So no more calling me babe?

Texting me 24/7?

Holding my hand?

Kissing me through the phone?

Telling me you love me?

Your just going to ignore me now?

Hmm well that would really hurt if I gave a fuckk (;

Ill start at zero and count by two's. When I get to five. Ill stop loving you..<33