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The names Meegaan(: call me meg or meggie or whatever you would like :D
I was brought into this world on June 11 1997. I am only 13. Witty is my life. I use it more than basically anything. I dont have alot of quotes. I like to read and fav quotes more then i make them. I crush on alot of guys but half of them dont know i exsist. I do have a boyfriend now actaully. We have been dating for four months. I really think i love him. If you disagree then sorry because I am head over heels for this kid. <3  Please follow me or talk to me. It will make my day(:

Deggie's Favorite Quotes

awww, what a cute picture.
so tell me, how long did it take you to edit all of that?


I thought  I was over you
during the summer

 The school started and i was right back from where i started. ♥


lead her on,

tell her lies,

break her heart

because you

Love her...

never nmf

I want a person who
comes into my life by
& stays on purpose.

This quote does not exist.


I wanna be little again

 So all I have is a  
skinned knee to cry over.


 ill stop loving you;
 When a circle ends .



Honey, You're like Mondays. 

No One Likes You.  
This quote does not exist.