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So that's my account!
Girl/In love/Theatre/Proud Potterhead/

You're probably reading this to learn things about me!
I am really intrested in theatre
and cinema and photography and fashion and so much more!
Books make me happy
I'm obssessed with PLL, TVD, TO and GG
I like being huged by someone taller and bigger(:P) and long walks in the rain!
I love those sunny days in the middle of the winter
and those cold, rainy days in the middle of the summer!
I also like seeing someone smile.
I love music, I love looking at the fireplace
and I absolutely adore songs with meanings!
I guess that's me if you like me comment!


Demi13xd's Favorite Quotes

All I want
for christmas is

Chuck Bass


"I'm Chuck Bass"

Fav if you know where this is from (:

format credit to tylerr

                                       You don't just give up on people you love.                                      

- Chuck Bass.


Next time I get into trouble
 I have the perfect excuse
that will either get me into bigger trouble
or make my accuser laugh;

"I'm Chuck Bass."

 -Gossip girl

Im Chuck Bass
Your argument is invalid.


If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back.

-Chuck Bass

Why aren't all guys like
Chuck Bass ♥

I'm Chuck Bass.

This quote does not exist.

Mom: have you slept with any boys yet?
Me: yes, mom
Mom: what! WHO?!?
Me: the cat, it's getting pretty serious