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Quotes by Demonicangel31

I keep telling myself to move on, to stop crying, to tell myself "I hate you for making me love you". But i cant sleep with out seeing you in my dreams. I cant make it through the day without crying about the thoughts that go through my head. I see you are happy now, and im sorry i cant let go, I just wish it didnt hurt so much.
I'm so tired...
I'm tired of always losing. I'm tired of never being good enough. I'm tired of trying and never getting what I want. Im tired of fighting so hard for everyone and having no one who fights for me. Im tired of having my heart shatter into millions of pieces. im tired of the same nightmares day in and day out. im tired masking all the pain and caging all the anger.
I'm just... so tired...
Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to open your eyes and acknowledge that the night may be over but nightmare of life is ready to begin again. Another day of mental and emotional torture; and no matter what you do, how much you plead for an end, you realize that your nightmares are sweeter than reality. Your nightmares are a lie, but this is reality...
i bet my soul that you would never leave... i let their words tear me appart emotionally... i felt their beatings and whips rip my flesh appart... i subjeted myself to over 200 years of pain and humiliation, because i loved you... now i am without a soul... without light... and without love... but thats all good because you taught me something important... love makes you weak, why fight for something that makes you weak? no... i will be stronger.
Of course I have a dark mind...
It is needed to match my dark soul, my dark spirit, my dark wings and MY BLACK HEART...
The world will always burn, but there are three types of people:
- those whom cry over it
- those whom smile at it
- and those whom can't stop laughing at the flames.
Betrayed by Love; I Pledge myself to Hate.
Betrayed by a feeling of Warmth; May my soul turn Cold.
Betrayed by Light; I now surround myself in Darkness.
Betrayed by Happiness; Forever to be consumed by Anger.
Betrayed by Angels; And so I became a Demon.

I am the wretched being that you had always feared I would become, 
Because there is no one to stop me from becoming the beast that I have always been. 

Come take a shot at me... 
I love the way you Hate Me.
And so I watch as whats left of my soul turn black and the world

around me continue to burn; set alight by the blood soaked rage that

has consumed my mind. It hurts so much, but you don't care, not

anymore... and so what am I afraid of...



You told me never to turn into this but why
... I am not afraid of the DARK...
Every day is a battle; to get up, to stop crying, to eat, to do any basic activity. I fight to just keep moving forward, but I keep falling farther and farther into depression. I have to physically fight myself and stop myself from cutting away the pain, and I don't know how long it will be until I have drained my body of it all. I wrap myself in the blanket you gave me because it is all I have that reminds me of how it felt to be held by you. 
I have to fight every day to not break down and beg you to come back, I know that it would make me look pathetic but I am desperate for YOUR love and affection that I am crazy enough to try. I am only holding back because I know that you like someone else and I dare not interrupt or intrude on your happiness. I want to fight for you but I can't because it would hurt you.
And so... I am forced to silence myself... not to scream as the dagger kisses my skin or as red tears splash onto the ivory floor... I am alone now... my soul is frozen, my heart torn to shreds...
and you... my paradise... are out of my reach forever.

So there is this woman,

who is completely perfect,

and now she is gone because of me.

I was never meant to be her forever,

no matter how much I wish I could have been.

I was here to heal her and protect her and make sure that everything would be okay. 

When I would see her I would cry from joy and run to her.

But my mission is complete now, 

she is safe and ready to find the man that will make all her dreams come true.

My heart just breaks at the idea that it's not me...