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Haii Guys ;D
i don't know what to write about myself >.>
Just ask if you want to know anything about me! ;D - Black And White Backgrounds

Quotes by Depali

There is a Technique in Love 
*we follow the rule*
"Love one another"
and if it doesn't works, 
just swap the last two words

"Love another one"


nmf ;]

A  Fake Smile
 A Fake Smile can make Thousands of people Happy..... 
A Fake smile can  hide all your Tears......
A Fake  Smile can change your Fate......
soo always smile Baby even if your smile is fake

Girl 1: Have You Ever Had A 
Hot Passionate, Burning 
Kiss . . . ? ? 

Girl 2: hmm yea I Did Once. 
He'd Forgotten To Take 
The Cigarette Out Of His 
Mouth...............                                               =D

♥ ♥ I Will Conquer the whole world with my single hand IF You are holding the other.....♥ ♥

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                                If you Sleep with a Teddy =) 

If Someone asks Me;
"With Whom you Want to
Spend your entire Life ??"

I will Simply say:
......''Someone Who can Understand;
That I am not Perfect..!'' 

A five year old Kid was
trying to write..

Dad: Son, What u doing..?

Son: Writting to my gf.......

Dad: Do u know how to write..?

Son: No.. So what?

My gf doesn't know how to read..

Its Love Dad, u wont understand....!!!

Boy: I can't wait to go to sleep.
Girl: Tired?
Boy: Nopx.
Girl: Oh okiiee....
Boy: I just love my dreams.
...Girl: Oh what are they about?
Boy: You...♥

It takes billions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to                           complete mine.....

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