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Yo, I'm Jessi, I'm 15 Years Old, and I'm hella cute.



I'm a Drama Student, which means I'm really, really, really weird.

Hit me up if you wanna talk.

Quotes by DestinyCaribou

I used to dream that I was in a musical
because in a musical
nothing bad ever happens.

- Dancer In The Dark (2000), Dir. Lars Von Trier
"There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'Good Job'"

- Whiplash, (2014)

you kept leaving the one person who kept giving you chances.

you let her down, drained her energy, and made her tired.

and now you swear you've changed. that you won't do it again, that you're a better person.

i ' v e    h e a r d    i t    a l l    b e f o r e


boys when they first see me: "oh she's kinda cute"
boys when they find out about my personality: "i can work with this"
boys when they find out i'm secretly a gamer: "right okay um......"
boys when they meet my attractive friends: "bye b*tch"


I see you like 'em skinny, with brunette hair
You look at her like that and it's just unfair
I'll never be pretty by your standards anyway.
I'll never have her blue eyes or her beautiful face. You hold her the way I wish you'd hold me. She's your cutie-pie, she's what I want to be.
I'm not experienced in the feild of love.
But I like how you sound
and I'm turning it up




teacher: what comes after 69?
me: mouthwash

teacher: get out.

me in math: if you're having math problems, i feel bad for you son. i've got 0.999 problems but that's basically one.

friend: you sure you know what you're doing
me: i've been to the dentist several times, so i know the drill.

i asked my cousin what he thought the DC in Washington DC stands for.
he answered with "da capital".

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