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I am what i wasnt before.

Quotes by S E R I N A ♡*

You'll be okay
you'll be okay, maybe not today , maybe not tomorrow
but things do get better. It takes a lot of time and effort
to find the position you want to be at. 
No, it wont happen in a flash and no it will not
happen if you wait for it to happen.
Things will come through when you are willing
to make things happen,
Life is too short for you to be waiting on someone
or something that will not come.
You'll be okay,
i promise.




If You..
If You're Walking Down The Right
Path And You Are Willing To 
Keep Walking
Youll Make Process. 

I remember when i said "I couldnt do it."
What i didnt notice until now that i use
to cry every night
or just be depressed
for what?
I do not know.
I just didnt saw that light,
but what light ?
I was looking for something.
What was i looking for?
I dont know.
I just didnt know.
That was then
this is now
I saw the light i was looking for
I knew what i was looking for
and that was happiness.

Thank You beginning.
CHAPTER 2  x      .
*15 years later*

Allan was coming home with his two kids , Ruby and Tyler. Tyler is only one years old and Ruby is five years old. Allan moved on from Adriana 3 years later, thats when he knew he wasnt going to see her anymore. He decided it was best to move and stop being hook up on teenage dream.  Allan wasnt married or anything he was more dating a girl named Angelica who was more like Adriana, skinny, tall , tan but Angelica was more normal and was weird like Adriana but it didnt bother Allan. As long as he had the love he never had was fine.  

Allan and Angelica met at a friends wedding as soon as they looked at each other they knew it was love at first sight, but deep down Allan knew the reason he is with her is because he cant get over Adriana until Angelica told him he was pregnant with Ruby things changed. He called her everynight and took her to fancy dinners , he even let her moved in with him. He slowly forgetten about Adriana, for good.

Now, Allan was going to see his family , and he was going to bring the kids with him along with Angelica. They stop and they were here. Allan parents didnt move at all. It was an yellow ranch house with beautiful gardens. The kids were happy to see their grandparents it been awhile. Since it was just the beginnging of Spring break it was best to not go to a amusement park this time. The fair was around the corner and they decided to attend there.

They greeted with their hellos and kisses and Allan sat down.  He didnt want to show how much he missed this place. It brought high school memories. Which brought Adriana who would come sneak out and come in the house and spend the night until her parents notice. But now that was all over, Angelica was here now.
Things changed.


Adriana just got out of class. She was tired of all this school work and it was her last year until she became a elementary teacher.  Her looks changed completely she has short blonde hair now and she is now thicker and her boobs had grown into a DD cup. Which brought a lot of attention to the guys but she was interested. She only dated one guy after her and Allan had broke up for good. And his name was Charles. Who she met during freshman year old college, they were really close and they loved each other but he partied too much which made her left him. He was very handsome with a great smile. He was tall and tan , with a short hair cut and wore suits and tie since he was looking forward to be a lawyer. Which brought her attention.

When Adriana got home she laid down, and rested. She thought about Allans family, she visit them every week to check up on them. She decided to check on them tonight.  They appreciate her and they loved her as a daughter.
But what  Adriana dont know is that Allan is home from the Hoildays.

Adriana and Allan is going to see each other cant wait till see what happens
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Thank You beginning.
CHAPTER 1    x      .
       Allan pleace the roses on the table before Adriana showed up. It was their end of the year date the planned for month and it was finally here. He washed up extra this morning and is excited to see his princess. He thought about her smile and the way it matched her eyes. Today is the day. Today is the day that we'll be together.  He  knows damn well that they'll last they were high school sweethearts , matter of fact they were the cutest couples in their hair school. 
Allan went into the kitchen to take the steak out of the grill and place it with the roses on the roses. Steak is Adriana favorite dinner, extra spice and veggies on the side. Since it was their dinner he wanted to make it right for her. Nothing could go wrong he thought, he imagined the way she laughed while they talked and how much she'll touch his hand like she always did and how much she had let go even though she didnt want too.  Allan put on his red collar shirt and a pair of pants. He didnt want to dress too dressy or stay at home clothes. He wanted it to be special. 
When he was done it looked pretty decend. The roses on a good place the table was clean with the chairs everything fit and it made him smile.
Adriana , you going to smile just wait and see.

As Adriana was getting ready to put on her best outfit she got yesterday, pink follower dress and her chestnut hair in a tight bun  and a little touch of make up. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. The day is finally here, she thought. After this dinner she is going to wait a couple of months before she could wait for Allan to ask her to marry her. Even though her mother, Emily didnt like Allan , Emily thought Adriana should date a real guy. Allan was too softy he wasnt going to be here for long. even though she didnt tell that too Adriana personally put she is going to have too. The four years they been together is going to end. Today, Now.
"Adriana you have a minute?" Emily saw Adriana looking pretty as ever.
"Yes mom , look at my dress Allan is going to love it." 
"Adriana, honey, As you know im the Mayor and I personally know Allan and i dont think its good for you to date anymore, the kid doesnt wanna go to college what kind of man is that" Emily laughed as she was saying her statement. 
"What ! mom no, I love Allan even if he dont want to go to college." as Adriana pushed Emily away.
Emily didnt want this to happen , but her anger grew harder , "As your mother im suppose to tell you what is right and the right thing is too leave him you hear me, you dont want too then im going to have to take the solider to take you and i will , and yes i will let them take you , you hear me?"Emily storm and closed the door harder.
The door noises echoed in Adriana head. Before she knew it tears began to run down her face.

Shes late, Allan thought before he finished his thought a car pulled over. it was Adriana.
Adriana came running out of the car and crying. Allan rush toward her and whiped the tears off. Seeing her cry made him cry. He didnt understand why.
"Whats wrong?" He asked after letting them sit down on the porch.
"My mom ... Allan.. we cant be together." she finally said. it took awhile and she looked up at Allan and she could see that he was hurt. but she continued , "The soliders will take me and you know what that means , i could end up killed or something."
Allan stroke her hair , it felt good to Adriana and he knew it.
"Its okay." He said, it wasnt ok. Adriana is going to be gone after this forever.
Why end it here when they have a big journey ahead of them. Why? he thought.
"come and lets it.."
".... for the last time."

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First the colors
Then the humans
Thats usually how I see things
Or.. At least , how I try..
Stop thinking that anybody likes you,
there a million people in the world who will
take your pride into work.
Stop trying to be someone else that you arent,
you are already beautiful in your own way,
making a mistakes is ok,
stop worrying about it, 
life s full with mistakes
thats is the only way youll learn.