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beautiful disaster

Hello gorgeous!
Hi my name is Sydney and I'm 14 years young. I live in Kentucky. 
I cant stand racism. I hate the saying yolo, I love Nutella,
Fishies and food in general o.e. I hate Jersey Shore, Chilliing with Kardashians,Teen Mom, 16 and pregnant, Let's just say
I hate MTV and most of ABC's drama shoes. I watch Finding Nemo and Invader Zim. I don't have cable.
I am single but I have my eyes on someone:) Ilove Lincoln Park,Paramore,

Nirvana,Aerosmith,Skrillex, Beatles, Maroon5, Adele, Panic!At the Disco!, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and I love disney movie songs. I hate Kiss, most modern pop and country. I don't like One Direction or Justin Bieber.
asdfghjkl;ummm ... What do I say now, o.e

\\\ http://www.spillit.me/idkimjustsydney \\\
what do you think of me?
Thank you so much! <3
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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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Good Bye I am making a new Witty I will post the link later and Done. Girls from my school found me on here

he see's all

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I am who I am.
Im wierd, I'm lame,
I run into things, I spill food,I trip
I scream about random and stupid stuff.
But, I like it that way


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I've been played a fool
Four Three
Too many times


I slipped a note into my friends locker
telling her how I was going to kill myself

and told her how much I would miss her.

When I came home from school I saw all my best friends
sitting in my living room with DVDs, cookies, a cake , Balloons, and a letter with 473 reasons I shouldn't die.
Still bawling my eyes out.

This is my story 


    One day I was walking home
from school
There were some mean boys
telling a special needs girl that
there was gold in a puddle of mud.
She ran over and started splashing in it,
and the boys laughed as she got dirty.

Instead of laughing,
one of the boys ran up
and started splashing in the
mud puddle with her.



               A boy was dying of cancer and
needed expensive surgery
,but his family was broke and desperate
and couldn't afford it.

His eight year old sister Tess took her
piggy bank savings to a pharmicst in order 
to buy a 'miracle'. It just happens that
the right man witnessed the little girls tears 
at the counter: he was a neurosurgon.
He was so touched he preformed the surgery 
for free.


And now im going to

                  play in the leaves with you

If your in marching band

Please look at my band
I really want to know what people think of us
Tell me even if its mean.


It will mean the world to me