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One Life, One Chance.

Currently in a relationship
18 Months on the 24/09/2011 :D

I live in Australia, would much
prefer to be in
AMERICA though.

FLICKR - http://www.flickr.com/photos/carrisa-mckenna/
copy and paste into your address bar. :)

i love witty.

Quotes by Diamondd


1. Name: Carrisa, obviously! :p

2. Age: 18 :D

3. Height: short

4. Date of Birth: 30/04/1993

5. eye Color: brown, yo!

6. Religion: atheist

7. Sexuality: Straight



8. Hair Color: dark brown

9. Eye Color: ^

10. Weight: like, 55 - 58 kg

11. Skin Tone: tanned

12. Piercings/Tattoos: 7 piercings/5 tattoos

13. Jewelry: plenty!

14. Build: thin..? 



15. Funny or Serious? depends on the situation

16. Hard working or lazy? depends if there is money involved :p

17. Flirty or reserved? taken? :p

18. What is the first thing people notice about your personality? i talk. a lot. Im not easily intimidated and im dirty minded.

19. Are you more caring or sympathetic? it comes down the person im caring/being sympathetic about

20. Are you sporty, artistic, bookworm or sciency? bookworm! 


Have You Ever

21. Slapped someone in the face? yeah

22. Lost touch with a good friend? uhm, who hasnt?

23. Kissed someone for a dare? oh, toats brew! lolol :p

24. Drank alcohol? yes

25. Broke a bone? nope, fractured.

26. Got chickenpox? positive

27. Ate a whole pizza to yourself? almost :D

28. Stepped on a bug? yeah

29. Rode a horse? no, wah! :(

30. Been seen naked by someone not your doctor or family member? yep ;) 



How Many

31. TVs are in your house? 7 ha

32. People have you kissed? a few..

33. Chairs are in the room you are in now? zero

34. Best friends do you have? zero. :(

35. PCs or laptops are in your house? 1 lappy love!


This or That?

36. Summer or Winter? Summer!!!!

37. Strawberry or Banana? strawberry

38. Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift!

39. Eminem or Kanye West? Eminem

40. Vegetables or Fruits? Tough decision

41. Books or Movies? depends on which tells the story better

42. Hugs or Kisses? both :)

43. Rock or Pop? :/ ... 


Name The Last Person That...

44. Hugged you? T'ilarni or Bradley..?

45. Kissed you? Bradleyy

46. Thanked you? ^

47. Flirted with you? ^

48. Insulted you? mother :p

49. Made you laugh? myself, derp moment.

50. Made you cry? eek!



51. Ate? Fruit Salad, nomnomnom.

52. Drank? coffee

53. Talked to? bradley, cause my cat doesnt count right..?

54. Word Spoke? "nada" to my grandma

55. Time cried? ...

56. Time laughed? earlier in the night


57. Best friend? tara..?

58. Crush? danny. or justin.

59. Boyfriend? danny.

60. Pet? cat! :D

61. Kiss? Dannt

62. Took steps? cause i could remember that, derp.


63. Do you own any brand shirts? POISON FTW!

64. What languages do you know? English, a little spanish, a little japanese.

65. Do you like to sing? yeah, :)

66. Are you competitive? when it comes down to it yes.

67. What are you afraid of?v feet. dogs. spiders.

68. Who do you miss? nobody really.

69. Are you a virgin? nope.

70. Do you like photography? YES!!

18 months today with my boyfriend today.
A whole year & a half
589 days..

Safe to say we're in

I just
don't know

I hate those Facebook   pages that insist I "like" the page before I get to see their pictures!

You know the ones, right?

Just put my name
into Google maps and Carrisa Way in America came up
You Americans are so lucky, I want to live in America!

|No, I can't take one more
|step towards you, cause all
|that's waiting is regret

Promises are just lies in pretty ribbons

| Real eyes
             real lies

All little girls wanna be famous or a princess when they grow up...

I wanna be a photographer, please check out my flickr page?!


let me know if you do or dont like them, i need other peoples point of views! <3