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I'm not going to tell you my name, 
You can just call me Diei.
One thing, I am an active day dreamer. 
It takes up most of my day,
I go to a super small charter school.
there are only about 16 students in my grade. 
People call my group of friends "the nerds" and I think thats really sad
considering one of us is failing almost every class.
I am kind of smart, I get refered to as the "Head-Nerd"
I honestly love the look the teachers give me when I get the answer to a question that was suppose to be really hard, seconds after they ask it.
I enjoy the simple things in life:
I.e. Knitting, reading, nature etc...
I come from a very redneck family, and even though I don't mind getting dirty it is not how i want to spend my day most of the time. 
I babysit all the time, small children are absolutely my life! 
(No, i do not want to have a baby right now, let me finish high school first!)
And well I guess that's me. 


Quotes by DieiSomnians

I thought it was going to be hard. 
I thought you were still ignoring me. 
I didn't think you would want to talk to me. 
Instead I walked in today and I saw your face light up as you came to stand by me. 
You asked me how I was doing. 
You told me I was a good friend to have. 
You made me feel okay today. 

I do not dread having to get up early and go to school,
I don't mind homework, 
I do not really care that i have to sit in class all day. 
The only thing I'm not looking forward to is you:
seeing you happy with someone else,
you treating me like nothings changed between us even though everything has
I don't want to see you.
I dont want to talk to you. 
Actually that's not true. 
I do, because I care about you and I love you. 
But its become too hard for me to put my heart out there for you so that you can crush it. 
I'm sorry but I can't anymore. 
Never let your memories be greater than your dreams. 
"I don't hate you." She promised. "I swear I don't. But right now, it just hurts too much to be around you."
I have to write a paper on a friwnd of mine that died in a texting and driving accident two years ago. Everyone in my class keeps offering condolences, but honestly it feels good to remember him. 

Part of me thinks it would be easier if you treated me horribly when we were alone and like a queen when we were in public, instead of the other way around.
    Until you have seen someones darkness,    
     You do not know who they really are.         
Until you have forgiven someones darkness, 
        You do not know what love really is.        
I love the look teachers give you when you answer a math problem before they can even think about it.
Yesterday in chemistry we had this quiz on the laws of thermoynamics. We were only suppose to write down two of them, but we got extra credit if we wrote down the others. The teacher started handing out pieces of paper to the 16 students in my class, I was the second one to get a piece of paper, and I managed to finish writing all of them down, along with my name and the date before the teacher had finished giving everyone a piece of paper. When I exclaimed "Okay, done!" The only person who wasn't surprised was the cool guy whom I have a crush on and his response to everyone asking "what? How?" was "Come on guys, does this really surprise you?" Today we got our tests back. . . 
I got all of them correct.
He has the power to make or break my day with just a simple text message, and he doesn't even realize it.