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I'm not going to tell you my name, 
You can just call me Diei.
One thing, I am an active day dreamer. 
It takes up most of my day,
I go to a super small charter school.
there are only about 16 students in my grade. 
People call my group of friends "the nerds" and I think thats really sad
considering one of us is failing almost every class.
I am kind of smart, I get refered to as the "Head-Nerd"
I honestly love the look the teachers give me when I get the answer to a question that was suppose to be really hard, seconds after they ask it.
I enjoy the simple things in life:
I.e. Knitting, reading, nature etc...
I come from a very redneck family, and even though I don't mind getting dirty it is not how i want to spend my day most of the time. 
I babysit all the time, small children are absolutely my life! 
(No, i do not want to have a baby right now, let me finish high school first!)
And well I guess that's me. 


Quotes by DieiSomnians

Whenever I see your name pop up on my screen,
I smile like an idiot.
I was hanging with a couple friends and my crush, and two of my friends and my crush were being VERY  innapropriate so my friend turned to and asked, "Why are you friends with him." ("Him" refering to my crush). And he looked up and said; "Because we have our benefits." and then he winked. I was speechless
Seriously, what do you even say to that?
"My life and my whole eternity belongs to God. All this stuff is temporary. Money, fame, success. . . Temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus... That's eternal." -Willie Robertson 
My school had a lock in last weekend where all we did was sit around and read the odyssy. Im still trying to get back a;ll the precious hours of sleep I lost. 
It was a great experiance though. 
My mom has always said that she wont ever let me have a sleepover at a boys house. It has always been one of theose things she felt like telling me at least once everyday. Well guess what happened on thursday? Yep, had a sleepover at my best guy friends house with my moms permission. She totally broke all of her rules by allowing me to go and I didnt even have to beg. I thought it was pretty awesome.  Nothing happened while i was over there of course but yeah it was still really cool and surprising that my mom let me go. 

Yeah, if you could just... you know... stop making it impossible to not love you. That, that would be great. 
Or better yet, stop being in love with her and just notice me. 

So about a year ago this dog scratched my hand and left three about an inch long scars that are really close to my wrist. No one has ever seemed to notice them and I have really almost forgotten they were there. Earlier today I was sitting next to my friend Rayce and him and I were just talking and he suddenly reached across and grabbed my hand. He slowly ran his fingers across the scars and just stared at them for a couple minutes. I tried to take my hand back and he told me to wait. I sat there and watched him look at my hand, finally he looked up at me and asked how I had gotten them, I told him they were from a dog and just kind of shook it off. He nodded and turned back towards the front of the room. For the rest of the day everything was normal. During lunch I was talking to his sister (She is a year younger than us and she is a good friend of mine) and I told her all that had gone on with her brother, and told her it was really weird. And she stopped for a minute and looked down at her lap and was just playing with her thumbs, (this is a girl that is normally very upbeat and very happy and the sudden change in behavior really shocked me.) I asked her what had happened and she just started to role the sleeves of her jacket up. "Christine," She said, "last night My brother found out I have been cutting." I looked at her wrists and they were covered in marks. Her and I sat there and talked for a bit before I went and found her brother.
I looked at him and I said "I know Sam is cutting."
He looked back at me, "Yeah, Sorry about being so weird earlier, its just, I know one important girl in my life feels useless and broken, I needed to know if the other one did as well."

On friday I put a teddy bear in my crushes locker with a note that just said his name. He still hasnt figured out who it was from... i dont know if this makes me happy or not. 

On friday I put a teddy bear in my crushes locker with a note that just said his name. He still hasnt figured out who it was from... i dont know if this makes me happy or not. 

I have a crush on my bestfriend but he is head over heals for another girl. :(
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