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"Life is short,don't waste time worrying about what people think of you.Hold on to the ones that care,in the end they will be the only ones there"

Quotes by dreamer*

me: oh I look nice in this picture!
me: I'm gonna use it as profile picture on all my social network accounts for the next 54 years.
me: *takes 50 selfies* 
me: *deletes 49*
me: *stares at that one selfie til it turns ugly*
me: *deletes that too*
Do you ever get the urge to clean your entire room and then
5 minutes after u start you’re like nah son and you just lay on the floor.

parents: you spend too much time on the computer, it's like you're addicted.
me: fine..can I go out?
parents: no
me:I have waited 50 years for this.
mom:You're 17.
me:I have waited 50 years for this.
mom: how are your grades this semester?
me: mother what's important is that we have our health.
You wake up on christmas morning and go downstairs,
full of 
excitement.Somebody is stealing all of your christmas 
presents.It is jesus. “It's my birthday, not yours” he hisses 
menacingly, then runs away with all your gifts in his arms.

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you
you're not as terrible as you think you are.

me on my wedding day: You still like me right?
me at restaurants: Is there wi-fi
me at the mountains: Is there wi-fi
me at the beach: Is there wi-fi
me at family parties: Is there wi-fi
me at school: Is there wi-fi
me in hell: Is there wi-fi
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