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"Life is short,don't waste time worrying about what people think of you.Hold on to the ones that care,in the end they will be the only ones there"

Quotes by dreamer*

Sometimes you just need to lay on the floor
and do nothing for three years.

If i was a criminal
i would do all my crimes on a scooter so the police would 

only see one footprint every few meters and they'd look for a one-legged man 
with powerful jumping muscles instead of me.
me: *sleeps for 4 hours* tired
me: *sleeps for 8 hours* tired
me: *sleeps for a month* tired
me: *sleeps for a year* still tired
me: Hi
family: OMG she's out of her cave!!!!It's a miracle!!!!! lololol
me: Bye
I love typing because my fingers make that cool sound and i seem professional.

I saw a fake skeleton for sale today for $849
and I was like wtf I could get a real skeleton for free but then I remembered murder is illegal.

Friend: Let's go to a party!
Me: I can't I'm ugly.
How to break up with someone

You: Your ex is attractive.
Partner: Which one?
You: ME. 
Basically me at school all day:

me: I hate all of you.
me: Stop screaming you saw your friend yesterday.
me: Holy f*ck walk faster.
me: Get smarter idiot.
me: Maybe if i hit my head on my desk enough times i'll die.
me: I'm so hungry.
Now you understand why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up.
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