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Status: Lost and in love.
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Hi, I don't really go on here much but I'll try. I'm 15 a freshman in high school. I'm single but I'm kinda into someone. So ya if you want to know anything else just ask me. Kik~snapchat~insta: victoriaam1213
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Quotes by Samwise Gamgee ♥*

You are not fat. 
You have fat, yes,
you also have fingernails.
You're not a fingernail are you?
He told me he loved me.
wow what?
You! You're really pretty!! Why the fūck did I break up with you??
I don't know...?
I regret it a lot now!! I don't know why I did.. I'm stupid..
No you're not stupid.. you're adorable.
yeah. in a little kid way right...
No not at all.. in a way that makes me smile and laugh and blush and really happy when you talk to me...
awww. my gosh :) thats really nice thank you you're so sweet and beautiful <3
hah thanks <3 :)
I miss you so much. I miss us.
Have you guys ever just liked a band before it was popular and then just felt really great when one of there songs first comes on on the radio and just... yay..
Baby, did you get those pants on sale, cause they're 100% off at my house.
Serves me right for trying to move on from you.
I just want my best friend back.
I love
your curves
and all your edges.

All your
perfect imperfections.
Sometimes I wish I'd never met you. But I know that my life would be so different without you. You taught me love and beauty. And when it was time to let go I couldn't and neither could you I guess.. and we finally started taking again and everything came back but you're a different school that me, I hate being a year apart from you i hate that I'm in high school now and you're not and I miss you i so much and I hate it I do. But I was talking to you. And you said you missed me and that we could date again if we could see eachother more witch we will next year and that's what you told me. We'll just wait for next year. I miss you David. I still love. And I will always love you. I love you.
Don't you loose him Samwise Gamgee.
And I don't mean to.
I don't mean to.