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I'm just me..Lots of regrets,,thoughts filling my head..
Just a memory of a better one forgotten in the past
I miss when i didn't was this one
The one who cares and dont want to let go
And to don't have this hope
Of hoppeless dreams...


Quotes by Dimy

Where are you now
Are you lost
Will I find you again
Are you alone
Are you afraid
Are you searching for me
Why did you go I had to stay
Now I'm reaching for you
Will you wait, will you wait
Will I see you again
...strong words that break my heart....
it came time to let it go...Goodbye!
That awkward moment when you feel you're not good enough...
I wished you knew...
There is nothing left to fix....:((
in your darkest days ,remember that you had me there...that one to clean up your mess...that more than best friend...you wont realize now,but in time..you'll see...remember that i will be long gone in that day...:)
we all want to be lost,but actually we just want to be found...