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Come on skinny love, just last the year.
hey i'm dinah and i'm just a 16 year old girl who likes bands.

Quotes by acacia brinley*

attractive guy: hi i'm famous
attractive guy: hi i'm taken
attractive guy: hi you're too young for me
attractive guy: hi i'm a player
attractive guy: hi you're ugly
attractive guy: hi i live 83628472 miles away
attractive guy: hi i'm not aware of your existence
attractive guy: hi i'm a fictional character

my heart jumps whenever we LOCK EYES.

I Alway Look
  back at our conversations and try to analyze whether you feel the same for me or not.

Did You Know?
The average female wishes she were male for about 12 weeks of the year.

She's Gorgeous.
She's the one all the guys go crazy for. She looks even prettier in pictures. And, every time my crush likes one of
her pictures on Instagram, it's like a stab in the chest. Because I always try so hard to look pretty for him
and receive no attention, while she always gets all of it. 


You Made Me Feel Special.
until i realized that you do the same thing to everyone else.

Missing Someone
is part of loving them. If you’re never apart then you’ll never understand how strong your love really is.


You're The King
  of mixed signals, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t act like you’re all into me one minute and then
have nothing to do with me the next. OKAY? THAT WOULD BE GREAT.


[[seductively does nothing to indicate i’m attracted to you]]

you go to school, nothing happens.
you miss one day; 7 fights, tupac came back,
school had a blackout, and beyonce
performed in the cafeteria.