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Come on skinny love, just last the year.
hey i'm dinah and i'm just a 16 year old girl who likes bands.

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Sometimes, I have so much to say about everything
that it feels like I can't say anything about anything!


do not be fooled by me
sitting next to you in
a plastic blue chair
face plastered
with the fakest smile
while inside, i am
trying my hardest
not to lose it

i am in prison
but most of you
don't realize that
because my jail cell
is invisible

I was reading through old messages I sent to my best friend, and look what I found:

do you ever just have days where you're angry at everything?
i was playing pokemon earlier
and the music p*ssed me off
it started sounding like it was mkaing fun of me.
^-- me at my best.
people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important
my friends: *eats anything they want* and stays skinny

me: *eats a piece of cake* and gains five pounds
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i don't know
his favorite color, or if he likes honey with his tea, or if he even likes tea. i don't know what songs he listens to when he's upset and i don't know what his favorite cereal is. but i do know his smile is amazing, and his laugh is really loud (but it's kind of like music to me), and his clothes are really simple but they look really cute on him, and he wears glasses sometimes and he looks beautiful with or without them. and i really wish i knew all these things, so i know what song to play for him when he's upset, and if he wants tea i wanna know if i should put honey in it (that is, if he likes tea) and what type of cereal to get for him when he wants some. but i'll never know, because i am the shy girl across the room who hides behind her hair and the sleeves of her hoodies, and glances at him when she thinks he's not looking (and he never is)