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Why hello there! 
My name is Destinee,
I'm 17,
and I live in New York State. 

I love helping people,
so as cliche as this might be,
you can always write me a message on here
and post it on my page or email me here:


And if you do email me,
please make the subject
'Witty Profiles'
so that way I will be able to scope out
the messages I actually should read. 

And in case anyone needs this,
here is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number :


Put a smile on your face cause boy does it look good on you!

Quotes by DinoDes

"So I guess I'll just curl up and die too."
No one understands how hurt and broken I am. No one understands how bad I want to die.

No one understand that there's a bridge with the highway underneath and I 

could easily jump anytime I wanted to. And maybe one day I'll do it and I can't wait

for that day, because that's the day that all of my pain and sorrows, tears, and everything

bad comes to an end.

The only downfall of me killing myself is that I would hurt my friends and family and other

people who care immensely and I don't want to hurt them. However, if this makes sense,

I want them to cry and be sad about my death. I want them to wish that they could have done 

something differently. I want people to be in shock that I actually did it because I always just

talked about it and never acted on it. Maybe if and when I do it, they'll realize that it wasn't a joke and

I was serious.  

I found a boy. He likes me for who I am. I like who I am when I'm with him. 

I think he's so perfect in every way shape and form, in every way possible,

and I wish so badly ythat he could see himself how I see him. He's perfect

and I can't wait until the day he asks me to be his. 
This is to my ex boyfriend, Mikey.

I want to let you know how sorry I actually am for hurtng you and 

making you believe our relationship was a game, it was never a 

game to me. You were the first boy I have every truly loved. And I

promise you that. I'm sorry that after a year and three months of never

doing anything, or going anywhere, and always doing sexual things,

that I lost interest in you and stopped loving you. People say that if 

it's true love, it never fades away, but I'm not sure if that's true. I wish

I could love you, I wish I could love you so badly but I just can't. 

On another note, I'm glad that I don't love you any longer because after

we broke up, you went after my old best friend who brought hell to my life 

when I was with you, and that caused you to despise her for hurting the one

you love. But obviously you're the only who didn't love me. I read a saved 

message in my phone from many moons ago, it said: I love you, and I have 

known ever since we sat akwardly in that room together. And I will love you

until my last breath. I wish that would stop playing in my mind like a skipping

disk, but it won't. I wish that I could text you, but I don't even think I want to do 

that because my whole family is so angry with you. As am I. But I forgive everyone

rehardless of what they have done to me. 

You've hurt me, by dating her. But I did let you know that it wouldn't last very long because

she was just using you to get back at me because she thought I slept with her ex,

which I did not do, but that's the only reason why she dated you. 

I think I will just cry my whole entire day away.
Tonight is just one of those nights, 

a really bad one.
This post is for a Wittian named "Darknes"

I ddn'nt see an ask box so,

I hope you see this because I desperately want you to know that

1. You do have a life, it may not be the one you want,

but you do have one, you exist, you're real, you're living, you're alive. 

2. I'm sorry that you're on 8 months of being un-noticed by people,

I hope this counts in being noticed, it may not be much,

but I noticed you. 

3. I'm sorry that you cut yourself on a daily basis. I truly am, because 

I know exactly what it's like to do it on a daily basis,

I did it on a daily basis for at least three years.

But then you know what happened? I stopped.

And you can stop too. 

It's not one of the easiest things to do, but it definitely is possible 

because people do it every single day,

and you could be one of those people if you want it bad enough and 

I'm sure you do because I'm also sure you don't want to be stuck in

this depressing rut for the rest of your life. Right? 

You can do it; I believe in you. 

4. I'm sorry that you're depressed, 

sadly a lot of people struggle with depression and it sucks,

and I'm sorry that you struggle with it,

I'm sorry for anyone who struggles with it because nothing is worth getting 

depressed over,

no boy and no girl and no action. 

But it's not something you can just magically poof away,

it's something you have to work very hard on. 

You can do it. 

5. Suicide is never the right answer even if it feels like it at the time, 

because your life is wroth something and I honestly promise you that,

and whenever you feel worthless, come to me and I will tell you 

how much worth you have, which is a lot because

everyone is worth a lot more than they give themselves credit for.

You probably don't agree with this, 

but a lot of people need you, care about you, love you, and would miss

you if you killed yourself. 

Don't do it. Please? 

6. Pathetic? We all feel pathetic at times,

but you're not pathetic. You are the beez knees, actually!

7. Please talk to me if you need anyone to talk to,

you can always email me at:


It gets so much better than it is right now. 
Nothing is forever, which is why you have to appreciate everything you have now.

              Peace is more important than a piece of land.
Today you are you,
that is truer than true,
there is no one alive
who is you-er than you.
-Dr. Seuss
And if you want to burn yourself,
remember that I love you.
And if you want to cut yourself,
remember that I love you.
And if you want to kill yourself,
remember that I love you.