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Quotes by Directioner_MAJ

I just.. I don't even know anymore..
You used to shine
So bright
But I watched
All of it fade..
I was your cure,
And you were my
I was saving you,
but you were killing me.
You can say sorry a million times,
say I love you as much as you want, whenever
you want. But if you're not going to 
prove the things you say are
true, then don't say anything at all.
Because if you cant show it,
your words don't mean a thing.
I want you to miss me.
I want you to realize what you have lost. I want you to realize what you have taken for granted. I want you to realize I was there for you and that I have given you all my attention and love. I want you to feel that a part of you was lost when I tried to distance myself from you. I want you to realize that you don't want to completely lose me, that you want me to come back. I want you to realize that. 
"No one dares to even near her
Though many do peek
But many do not know that
In loneliness, love she seeks
She shows herself for him to see
He calls that he's in need
She's suprised that he doesn't show
The fear from others she's come to know
She poured out her love to him
She gave him all she had
And never could he repay her
For letting him love again"
Yesterday I was with my friends. A song came on and I said "I feel like I've heard this before.." They gave me weird looks because I would usually never listen to the type of music. Then one of my friends said "You have it's his favorite song. I remember you telling me about the conversation you had and he made you listen to all of the songs he liked. You said you would if he ran around the mall singing One Direction so you could take a video or told his parents that he was gay." And I remembered how we went from texting everyday to everyweek to fighting every other week and then to not talking at all..
And I realized that..
I really miss him..
Cause' ever since you broke into me, ever since you left with the key.. I can't open up for anyone anymore, anymore.. You took the sun the moon and the stars. Now i'm walking all alone in the dark.
One of these days i'll wake up from this bad dream i'm dreaming. One of these days i'll pray that i'll be over you. One of these days i'll realize that, i'm so tired of feeling confused..