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Lexis /14/Maine
Hello there muh love! I hope you're having a wonderful day, 
and smile for awhile. You look fu*king gorgeous with one. Oh
my, it's so bad of me to not introduce myself yet. I'm Lexis Marie,
and you can call me Lexi or Lex. I like nicknames though so don't
be shy if you wanna give me one. I dance six hours a week,
and I compete with my tapping girlies around the New England
area. I have three best friends. Matt, Matt, and Kendall.
You can check out Kendall at BaadMeetsEviil, and yes, she's the
one that is absolutely fu*king gorgeous beyond belief. It makes
me jealous. Anyways, I'm fourteen years old. I live in Maine,
and yes that's in the United States. -.- I have a boyfriend,
and his name's Matthew. I love him dearly and I would be
no where without him. Third time's a charm right? His smile
gets me everytime, and everytime we hang out or I get just
one more hug.. I fall a little more in love with him. Matthew,
I love you. No other guy has ever made me feel as special as
you have. Please stick around, I can't deal with heartbreak
another time. 2/19/12.♥

I'm the third one in from the left. (: My shirt says: Hair.

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Quotes by DisappearingForAwhile

Just always be waiting for me.
-Peter Pan


&If one day you're so
upset, just remember
his smile.

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We're going to have
to let the truth scream
louder to our souls
than the lies that have
infected us.

He's for me,
not for you.
So if by chance,
you take my place
I'll take my fist
and punch your face.

sit there and wait for that "hey" text,
debating whether or not to tell him
that you like him
because you're so in love with him.


You, sir, I find attractive.
Therefor, I shall stare at you.

Say Goodbye

The world is fading

I am just so sorry that


A promise is a promise.
At least that's what

they say, but welcome
to reality where they're
broken every day.



Please don't leave

I can't live without you.