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Sorry but I'll never get back into this. Most of my layouts are fucked on the new coding and look terrible on here. There are plenty of amazing layout creators who are quite frankly more in the age demographic of this site, and the more I've been checking in recently, the more I realize I am no longer the type of user this site has catered to, nor is this the site I once enjoyed. Well, that's all folks. Adios.

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Today started out being
   r e a l l    b a     d a y .
I woke up 25 minutes late, My hair was covered in knots, When I was trying to put my chap stick in my pocket, the cap popped off and I got chap stick all over my hand, I got overheated and felt sick, And then my flip-flop got stuck in the door and I fell. But as I was walking a little old man drove by me in a purple van, and smiled at me. It's amazing how that tiny little smile, could  make  m day.
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He's cute

He's ugly
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Isn't it funny how once I get use to being xoxoxoxoxoxo single some guy comes along  to  ruin  it?
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Lets get chocolate wasted
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&When I Say I Want To Be Left Alone

I'm staying with you<3
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