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I swim on a swim team i sing really good:-)

Quotes by DitzyBlonde224

life isnt a pecile because if you make a misake you can't earse life is like a pen if you make a mistake you can put a litle white out over it but you will always remeber your mistakes!
i love everything about u.. well almost sometimes thing can get smelly welly
I love ur eyes :
I love ur back ~
I love ur lips
I love ur.......................
just kidding
I love sos!
LoVe keykey
i love Pamla johnson( he is a boy!!!)
i love everything about you! u r like a puzzle to me~!
The peices are...
your lips )
your eyes :
your noes 0
and when u put the peices together u create......
YOU!! :0)

I LoVe U KaI!!!!!
Cuz it's not the easy way out
it's long it's long.....</3
What is obsession?
Well, don't worry, I know..
It is when you care for someone so much..
And let~*everyone*~ know
What is love?
Well, don't worry, *now* I know
It is when you care for someone so much..
And plan to *never let go*..*
love is just what u think
a sappy thing whith a bulb and a drink
but u need to bealive that its u and only you....
I wanna be the angel on top of your christmass tree<3
press 1 if u love me
press 2 if u wanna ask me out
press 3 if u think i am hott
press 4 if u can't live without me
press 5 if u cant stop thinking of me
press 6 if u wanna make plans
press 7 if want my #
press 8 if u think i am a blonde
press 9 just to say hi
Sometimes on Christmas ppl tend to
think of, gifts, and presents,
and food!!
but really it's about spending time with family
and being thankful for what you have
and appreciating it cuz someday u
might not be having what u got now...
But since you've been gone
I can breathe for the first time
Im so movin on
Yeah yeah
Thanks to you
Now I get
What I want
Since you've been gone