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Hello there. My name is Raina and I am fifteen years old.



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I love my family more than anything.

Performing is my passion.

I am a professional actress (Live stage and film), singer (Broadway and pop style), and dancer (Lyrical and Hula).

I do my best to be kind to everyone. You never know who is going through rough times.

Anyone who has ever known me has called me a dare devil. I climb the highest trees when people specifically tell me not to, rock climb on real mountains, go caving where most people would be clostraphobic, ride horses with no saddles or reigns, walk up to wild bears (real story) and never back down to a dare. As long as the dare isn't some stupid one that has no pont hahaha.

I'm a herbivore (Vegetarian<3) because I love animals to death.

I am the most forgiving person you'll meet.


I adore traveling. I want to visit everywhere, and experience every single culture.

There is not enough time in my lifetime to do half the things I want to.


Quotes by DoWhatYouLove

So in PE somebody's phone started ringing and the tone said "Bow chicha wow wow" and so I was like "That's what my baby said bow wow wow and my heart starts pumping chic--"

Everyone else in my class: OoOoOoOo

I'm ridiculously bored so here's some questions you can ask me if you want<3

1. Worst thing you've done
2. Insecurities
3. Goals in life
4. Most attractive celebrities
Ahhh I have no clue you can ask anything. It can be super personal or if I like bananas lol
Iit's amazing how talented I am
at procrastinating
1. Go to youtube

2. Search Virtual Barber Shop

3. Have your mind blown

Mind = Blown
It's not exactly that I think I'm ugly.

It's just that I've been taught my entire life that if you
work hard enough and perservere that
you can achieve anything you want to.

And no matter how hard I work,

I'm never going to be able to make myself as pretty as I want to be.
There should be tiny little tracking stickers
for your keys and hairbrushes and stuff.
Am I the only one on Witty who doesn't have a crush on anyone?
Cute Guy:   What color are your eyes?
Me:          Well, you're the one looking at them.
Cute Guy:   Well they're beautiful. Is that a color?
  I couldn't decide weather to laugh because I can't believe he used that line or hug him because it was adorable
I wish I was the pretty one.
I want to make a Facebook account and the name will be Nobody so when I see the stupid stuff people post, I can Like it. And it will say Nobody Likes This.