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My old Witty is messed up. I ruined stuff and lost myself in the pain of love. I've found myself now. And this is my account to be me the real me and not some messed up girl i used to be!!

Witty is Practically my life!!

Quotes by DoYouAcceptMeNow

Won't you hold me tight tonight!
I know life's hard
And sometime's the easiest escape is death
But don't

Your more than that!

There words are tearing you down
Sick of everyone pushing you around!
Well i've felt like that too.
But then i saw my friend...
he was going through a hard time
but you know what he pulled through.
He was strong he's my idol!

You have a whole LIFETIME infront of you!
I know there killing you but you can do this
Im here for you.

There people in this world fighting for like
and you wanna throw yours away?
Im here if you ever need to chat!

Bye xox
Beautiful ~ is what you are
Special ~ is what you've always been
Unique ~ is what you have to make yourself out to be!
Accept Me For Me
Not Who You Want Me To Be!