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We're all mad here

Marilyn | 13 | Miley Cyrus

my parents want me to spend less time on the computer...
I'll have to leave you soon :'c
but noone cares bc I'm not Witty Famous...


Quotes by BANGERZ*

I've been 18+ since I was 12
I need your love
I need your time
When everything's wrong
You make it right
I feel so high
You come alive
I need to be free
With you tonight
And we danced all night
If you don't want to remember
Simply Don't
Stand up for what you believe in
even if it means standing alone.
hope is not gone
until you convince yourself that it is
Dedicate yourself and there will be a day when you'll find yourself sitting in the hall of fame
Mom: Don't eat the cookies until after dinner!
Me: *Takes one cookie*
Me: Thug lyfe


Hello! This is my new Witty Profiles

 account. I used to come on here a lot,

but then I stopped for a while. I'm

back now so I just thought that since

I had to start a new account, you

guys could help me out with a few

things. Clearly this website changed

ALOT and parts of it dissapoint me. I

noticed it's a lot less crowded. People

left, but there are some new great

writers that I would love to talk to. I

guess I won't be talking much with my

old friends, but new ones are great


Thanks so much xoxo

{follow for follow?}

Marilyn ;*