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"Congratulations!  You’re not perfect! It’s ridiculous to want to be perfect anyway.  But then, everybody’s ridiculous sometimes, except perfect people.  You know what perfect is?  Perfect is not eating or drinking or talking or moving a muscle or making even the teensiest mistake. Perfect is never doing anything wrong – which means never doing anything at all.  Perfect is boring!  So you’re not perfect!  Wonderful!  Have fun!  Eat things that give you bad breath!  Trip over your own shoelaces!  Laugh!  Let somebody else laugh at you!  Perfect people never do any of those things.  All they do is sit around and sip weak tea and think about how perfect they are.  But they’re really not one-hundred-percent perfect anyway.  You should see them when they get the hiccups!  Phooey!  Who needs ‘em?  You can drink pickle juice and imitate gorillas and do silly dances and wear funny hats and be as imperfect as you please and still be a good person.  Good people are hard to find nowadays.  And they’re a lot more fun than perfect people any day of the week."

MY MUSIC: My Chemical Romance, Maria Mena, All-American Rejects, Pricsilla Ahn, Caitlin Crosby, The Goo
Goo Dolls, P!nk, O.A.R., Eminem, Michael Buble, Dispatch, Never Shout Never, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift, Oren Lavie, Natasha Bedingfield, Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews Band, Beyonce, Shayne Orok, Train, Christina Perri ... all over the place except for country (not a big fan- although I do know the artists and such through my sister who forces me to listen to it)

A b o u t M e :
I'm 15 years old 

[as of November 6th]
I just started high school
[freshman -.-]
I'm from a little town in southeastern Mass.
[I ❤  linguica pizza and say wicked a wicked lot...]

I'm honest and if you need advice I'll give it.
[don't be shy, I've been through stuff of my own and will try
to help 
you through whatever you've got] - Profile Counters

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I Should Just Marry Him Now, Right?
This has been saved on my phone for about a week.

Me: (Sent 5:31pm)
       Why is it that whenever you
       talk about a girl you call her
       beautiful? /:]
Jared: (Recieved 5:33pm)
     Well it is completely true
     about girls when there
     beautifull... There beautiful.
     Hahaha But sometimes they
     have an ugly personality... I
     could name a few girls at our
     school that are haha. (:


Me: (Sent 5:37pm)
 Haha amen to that.. and I
       mean I think its wicked cute
       dont get me wrong but why
       not call them pretty or hot
       like every other guy..?
Jared: (Recieved 5:44pm)
          Well saying a girl is "hot"
          is something jokinly haha.
          like a guy will say with his
          friends. someone beautiful
          is someone who looks like
          an angel. pretty is
          someone good looking(:
          haha. difference.
Jared: (Recieved 5:45pm)
          And being called beautiful.
          is more appropirate.

I get good grades. I was arrested this summer.

I have a roof over my head. I sat in a 6x7 ft room for three hours waiting for the cops to come.

I go to a private school. I sat there, while half of my grade waited outside.

I visited Canada earlier this year. I had to call my dad 450 miles from home to tell him I was caught for shoplifting. 

I have friends that care about me.I heard that when the cops finally arrived, my classmates applauded.

I have a boyfriend that loves me. I had to call my boyfriend at a rest stop on the way home to tell him I wouldn't be able to see him or talk to him for the rest of the summer.
I have a family that provides for me. I'm the youngest of five; my oldest sibling is 24 and I was the first to get arrested at 14.
I've won swimming, art, and technology awards. I might not get accepted into the schools I want or the jobs I apply for because I now have a criminal record.
I went to three fun camps this summer. I went to these camps because my parents saw I was depressed. They didn't want me home alone and to start cutting like I used to.
I am a happy person. I regret my past fullheartedly and I can't think back too far without crying hysterically. I accept  that I'm responsible, but... I feel like I'm hiding from the world. I'm scared that if anyone from my high school found out about this summer from someone I used to go to school with, that rumors would spread... and I would feel alone again. I spent months alone this summer... and it did things to my sanity. I don't want to feel so alone ever again.

But things aren't always what they seem...


Posting stupid things your friend says
as your status.


The Awkward Moment When...///

you go to the bathroom just to leave class
and there are people you don't know there
so you go to a stall and act casual
but  then  those  people  never  leave
and you don't actually have to pee.


 I've made mistakes in my life

but  then    again  who    hasn't        
    confused wrong from right?

   The difference is that
   when push came to shove,

             I broke promises  
     &  hurt  the  ones  I  love. 

   Isn't it funny how you can't seem to forget
   those some memories
          you forever regret?

   Damn hilarious how once you lose someone's trust
   no matter how much glue you use

         the shattered glass still misses that tiny bit of dust?

   I'm sorry for what I did.
   I'm sorry for what I've done.

   The fact of the matter is,

   I feel like sh*t and had no fun.

   I'm a disgraceful daughter
   and a disappointment all around.
   ...But my daddy still loves me  
   even as he frowns.
   ...And my friends forgive me,
   glad I'm safe and sound.

   I can't take back my regretful past
   only build a better future 
   and make it last.

   The only thing left for me,
   is the question:
      Who will I be

I Lost Myself In A Sea Of Emotions
&he was there to fish me out

I Spilled A Waterfall Of Tears Due To Self-Hatred
&he was there to build a dam

I Pushed Him To The Back Of My Dark Cramped Mind
&his light still flickered

I Made Things Easier By Breaking Up With Him
To Deal With The Problems I Had Inside Myself...

&he made things difficult by trying to solve them for me and reminding me how much

I  S t i l l  L o v e  H i m .