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fannart would be lovely (: < 3 love girls.
you are gorgeous just the way you are. the mirror doesn't define you. natural is the real beauty & real beauty comes within. you are perfect just the way you are. love yourself for who you are. imperfections make you unique ♥ if your having a tuff day ; just don't let them bring you down.
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spreed the word (: ♥
Well hey sweetie (:
Hey hun (: My name will be a secret for now. But thats not the point. I just want to let people know the truth. They are beutiful, gorgeous, special in their own way. and no one should tell them differently. I want girls to take this in. Make them smile. I don't like people being upset about their uglyness. because your not. I just feel that you should feel better about yourself and not bring yourself down.
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Well hi sweetie ;
I'm glad your reading this. if your having a very bad day today keep reading. I hope it makes you feel a just a wee bit better.
 */ You my witty girl are the most beautiful thing alive. Because God doesn't make ugly things. And if those girls are bringing you down again, just look up take a few deep breathes because girl i think, no scratch that. i know your going to be alright.  just don't let them bring you down. Hey your strong. your beautiful , there is nothing you can't do.