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Quotes by Dontcare

& I won't forget about you;;
Not even after [I'm dead.]
//& this is normal for me\\
Loving you is my normal.
you're still the one
who I think of;;
[right before I fall asleep]
& you're still the one
that comes to my mind when I first  *wake up*
It's not that I need you in my life,
[[cause trust me]]
I don't
I've made it just fine without you.
But maybe;;
I want you in my life.
Maybe, just maybe,
I miss you

People say that the bad memories cause the most pain.
But *actually* it’s the good ones that [drive] you insane.

& if you're lucky;;
if you're the [luckiest]
person on this entire planet,
the person
you love;;
*decides* to love you back.

But then again,
maybe bad things happen because;;
it's the [only way] we can keep remembering
what *good* is supposed to look like.
Something still exists as long
as there's [someone] around to remember it.
If we don't change the direction we are headed;;
we will end up where we're going.
People assume that I'm wiser than I am because I'm somewhat successful.
Age does not bring you wisdom, age brings you wrinkles.
If you're dumb when you're young,
you're going to be [dumb when you're old].

-Estelle Getty
There's just something about the way she [smiles];;
<<that makes me want to smile too>>
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