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Quotes by Dontcare

You can be as logical, rational and objective as you want,
 it's not going to change the way you feel.
[Put it this way]
you telling me that lunch is in an hour;;
 doesn't make me less hungry.

The closest friends you'll have are the ones that you'd take a bullet for,
but they're the ones you [constantly] feel you could put a bullet in as well

& the sad thing is,
I know the truth,
but I still wanna believe the lie.
know my heart;;
& I know for sure it may never change;;
 it may always be set on [you]
There's one person you'll never get over no matter
[how long it's been.]
The things we crave the most;
[destroy] us the quickest.
The people that are still with you at the end of the day
Those are the ones worth keeping

Thank you for saying it's gunna be okay,
even if it's just [what you say].
 I have to keep trying with you
because the truth is whenever I see you [[smile]]
it makes me forget 
what I'm saying,
what I'm thinking
& what I'm doing
so how can I ignore this?
At some point in life, you have to make a decision.
Boundaries don't keep other people out.
They fence you in.
Life is messy. That's how we're made.
So, you can [waste] your lives drawing lines.
Or, you can live your life *crossing* them.
But, there are some lines;
that are way too dangerous to cross.
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