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Hi theree. I left witty~

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Quotes by DoodleLove

Witty is dying. It can't just be me who thinks this. It's really not

the same as it used to be.

So I'm leaving witty. Bye.

The last 60 winners of Miss Universe pageant have been

from Earth. I don't know, man.
Seems fixed.

The dumbest creatures are always the happiest

       The internet is full of cats because dog people actually go outside.

The Best Way To Spread Christmas

Cheer Is By

Singing Loud For All To Hear. 

  3 things I will never understand:

  1. The meaning of life.

  2. The universe.

  3. How Spongebob & Patrick made those

  sound effects in that box.


Stop waiting

for Prince

Charming. Get

up and find

him. The

poor idiot may

be stuck in a

tree or



Pretty friend: Omg I just got 100 likes on my profile picture

Friend with a boyfriend: Omg I just went on the cutest date

Athletic friend: Omg I just got asked to join the national team

Popular friend: Omg today I got invited to like ten parties

Me: Today I meowed at my cat and he meowed back

So relatable #4370

That awkward moment when Santa Claus has the same wrapping paper as your parents.






Glen Coco