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hi im jackie (:
thats my tumblr and you should check it out(:
its cute

Quotes by Dorney823

Just the Start of it,

sunny days. party nights.

hot guys, water fights.
beachy hair, tanned skin.
schools out, summers in.

~ Summer 2011; bring it on ~

after awhile

you learn the difference between holding a hand
and falling in love,
you begin to learn that kisses
don't always mean something,
promises can be broken just as easy as they are made,
& goodbyes really do mean forever.


my showers last

longer than your



"Thats what we do,we fight.

you tell me when I'm being an
arrogant son of a b i t c h
and i tell you when you're being a
pain in the
a s s."

-the notebook


don't worry about
the people form your past;
there's a reason they didn't
make it to your future.

in the end

it wont matter how many
breaths you took ,
but how many moments took
your breath away.


Is it to much to ask for...

that one person who understands you.
that one person who can make you smile.
that one person who you can act yourself around.
that one person who can make you laugh.
that one person who makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
that one person you can call your best friend.
that one person who calls you beautiful, when your at your worst.
that one person who will call you at 2 a.m just to talk.
that one person who will wrestle you and let you win.
that one person that will always be by your side.
that one person you can trust with your life.
that one person you never want to let go of.
that one person who will catch you when you fall.
that one person that says,

"I love you" and actually mean it.

i want that so bad <|3
anyone  else?

You never lost your smile,

its right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.


Lets flip a coin.
heads your mine ; ; tales i'm yours.