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Quotes by DreaGnR21

That epic moment
triumph when you
<<randomly open a textbook>>
and it lands
on the correct page


[] If you  
-Check your phone for no reason because you know no one texted you.
-Go out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf.
-Always hear someone call your name when it's not being called.
-Hate the way your voice sounds in a recording, video, etc.
-Use "thingy" when you can't remember what something's called.
-Pretend you're writing so the teacher doesn't call on you in class.
-Say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next.


Dropping out of society
to live in the wilderness
as a unicorn.


I die before
I lose
'cause I was born to win

~Drake ♥


"Stop! Stop Stop!!!" .................

"I have a rock in my shoe............" 

{} if you have ever done any of these:

1). Gone up a down escalator
2). Tried to make a fish follow your finger
3). Gone in the fridge for no reason
4). Stared at someone to see if they would realize
5). Pretended to drive when in the passenger's seat
6). Played air guitar madly
7). Watched water droplets fall down a window to see who would win
8). Picked everything off a pizza
9). Laughed at a random memory


That awkward moment
when you try to answer
Dora's question,
but she interrupts you.



I see nothing from afar
but I'm far from nothing




That's what she said. 


That moment when you can't remember the name of something,
and you call it 'thing' or 'thingy'
and then your friends suddenly turn it
into a
"That's what she said" joke

*mine* :)