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Quotes by DreamLikeReality

Oml. Can we please just like. This has never happened and oml I am so happy. I love you guys. Omg. Y'all just made my day, like oml. Can we just take a moment of silence please because one of my quotes ACTUALLY made the first page and omg. I love you. Okay, bye.
Today in school someone tripped over a chair leg and I said "Bless you"... -.-
I wonder if anyone is just wishing I would be their Valentine as much as I wish someone would ask me to be their Valentine...
I hate when people talk about their marks in school because if I, having significantly good marks, say ANYTHING AT ALL good or bad about my marks I get yelled at.
Theres always going to be someone better than you,

You just have to find that one person who doesn't care.
I just want to cuddle someone ande fall asleep in their arms...

ny takers? ;*

Duuuude I am 4073284190% kidding.

o would wanna cuddle me? lul

I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and we could all eat and be happy.
Confession #4:

LY afraid of any kind of bug.

One time
my friends and I were in this abandoned amusment park and we had to run through this field to get back to my friends house. It was gettting dark so we decided to go back home, but since it was late all the bug decided to come out in the field. So we were literally running through swarms of bugs and there were slugs in our shoes and it was just discusting. I couldn't take it anymore so I sat down in the middle of the field and started crying and almost vomitting and someone had to carry me home. Yeah. Bugs = BIG NO NO.
When people wink tho.