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it's really heavy and the walk is long


Quotes by Infinite*

The most deadly sin
                             must be to remember.


        WITH NO ONE LEFT   

            to pulyoup,       

          It's time to learn to  B     |||||||||||||||||| x

Happiness is like a
  Garage sale puzzle;
    You put it all together
      Only to find the last piece 

if  you're  going  through  l             


i   don' t  want   you  to  be                 
e .            


Me: Take me or leave me.
Me: I'm not changing for you!
Me: ...

Me:  Wait! Come back!

        Wouldn't it be  B E A U T I F U L  to simply


                                   fade away?


 To  become  a  hr-

                   YOU MUST also SAvYOUSELF. 


Vampire:  Come talk to me.
Vampire:  Don't be afraid.
Vampire:  I don't bite.
Me: . . .


Every time I try to
   break the mirror
                        for   g   me so many times,
                                                            - - - - - - i just get cut  ///////                                                                                           
                                                                                                         PICKING UP THE GLASS.



the worst

                         is when you're hurting
                                                  AND THERE'S NOTHING

     I  C A N  D O.